• Get the support you need

    You know your kid best. I bet you’re doing everything you can to support them with the tools and knowledge you have. That makes your kid very lucky to have you. 

  • Create more ease and joy

    You don’t have to find all the answers and figure it out alone. Every family needs a village, and when you move often, it can feel tough to find and keep that village. That’s why working with an experienced expat mom and parent coach can be the best thing you do for yourself and your family. 

  • See change happen.

    When we work together, you’ll feel seen, understood and supported. We’ll find ways for you to build deep connections and create more beautiful moments with your kid. Because when you’re all more relaxed and feeling safe, magic happens. 

Here’s how you can work with me



Before you let someone into your world and share about your family, you need to know if the vibe is right. Let's see if we’re a good match. I look forward to chatting with you.


Perfect for when you have a specific issue and need a one-time sounding board to find your way through. Let's tackle it together.


Ready to go deep and create meaningful change? This three-month package gives you all the support you need with weekly calls and coaching tailored to your specific family needs. You can create more joy in your family when you’re fully supported and encouraged.