Often, Our International Kids Don't Have the Skills and Tools They Need to Express All Their Feelings Well.

Does Your Child Struggle With...

  • Managing emotions and temper?
    Does your child have difficulty expressing frustration without resorting to tantrums or aggressive behavior?
  • Finding enjoyment in school and with friends?
    Does your child feel isolated or have trouble connecting with peers, making school and social activities less enjoyable?
  • An unhealthy relationship with screens and devices?
    Does your child spend excessive time on screens, affecting sleep patterns and impacting face-to-face interactions?
  • Controlling behavior. Wanting to avoid/control situations?
    Does your child exhibit a strong desire to control many aspects of their environment, leading to challenges in adapting to new situations?
  • Excessive worry?
    Does your child consistently express concerns about the future or events beyond their control, impacting their overall well-being?
  • Quick to anger when upset?
    Does your child have difficulty managing anger, reacting impulsively and struggling to communicate their feelings effectively?
  • Challenging behavior?
    Does your child frequently exhibit behaviors such as defiance or opposition, making day-to-day interactions challenging?
  • Nostalgia for the past and sadness about losses?
    DDoes your child frequently express sadness or longing for a previous home, friends, or cultural experiences, affecting their emotional well-being?


“I was so comfortable talking to Mirsada, it was easy to open up and I felt understood.”

Julia G.

“Mirsada is a knowledgeable, authentic, sounding board; she helped me improve my relationship with my daughter.”

Katrina B.


“I had such an easy time opening up to Mirsada, she was easy to talk to and I instantly felt understood and comfortable.”

Yvonne W.

“Mirsada helped me become more aware of how my approach was not helping to build the relationship with my daughter that I wanted.”

Roxanna M.


“Working with Mirsada reduced the amount of fighting in our home and brought more peace and harmony.”

Katrina B.

“Mirsada helped me better understand my son and find better ways to relate to him.”

Alexandra K.