About Mirsada

First of all I want you to know I am SO happy that you are here!

My name is Mirsada and I am passionate about serving others and really making a difference. Helping people has been my focus throughout life, and the many people I have helped over the years have appreciated the difference I have made in their lives.

Living our best life is what we all want to do. I have learned and developed strategies that help parents and kids build some of the most fundamental skills to make that a reality. The more we understand the indispensable nature of neurodiversity and executive function, the more we realize that these skills play into all aspects of our lives, and allow us to grab on to them to assist ourselves and our kids.

Executive function skills are something I have been studying since I was in high school. As a child, my mother bought me a course on tape about learning to learn. I remember pouring over the course, listening to the tapes and taking detailed notes because I intuitively felt that the lessons were critical, but I didn’t fully understand how important they truly were.


Executive function is one of key tools

After years and years of studying about human function; I believe it is crystal clear that executive function skills are vital and essential for the life we all want our kids to have. A life rich and full of meaningful connection, happiness and fulfillment.

I have always had a deep desire for meaningful connection because I have intuitively understood that it is the life blood that binds our lives to not only each other, but to our environment. My perspective is based on the idea that everything is won and lost in connection. When we lack connection, including with ourselves, there always seems to be something missing.

Executive function is one of key tools (if not THE key tool) our children need in building meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

For many years I struggled in school and socially. I was always likeable but sometimes a bit intense. My lack of personal awareness and understanding hurt me in some ways that when I look back.

My mom saw my struggle and she asked for help. For whatever reason she was unable to get the help I really needed. Others were not able to see and my mom was not able to clearly communicate where my challenges were. All parents intrinsically KNOW their kids better than outsiders but sometimes they don’t have the correct language to adequately express or communicate the struggle. Outsiders couldn’t see what she was seeing and assured her I was “an average child doing average work.”


Years later, after much struggle, lots of extra support in the way of tutors, one-on-one attention and lots of fights I was diagnosed with a learning disability. Looking back on what I have learned about executive function and neurodiversity, I think now I would have been diagnosed differently with all the advancement made the area of brain study. My disability impacted me academically and socially, I struggled for YEARS in both of these areas, but I can assure you, it primarily was not because I am not intelligent, something which I STRUGGLED with believing for YEARS.

There were people who told me to lower the hopes and dreams I had for my life. Some told my mom to lower her expectations of me, telling her I would never graduate college. These are words no child or parent or child should ever hear. With a Masters degree in hand, I am proof that anything is possible.

Even after all my accomplishments I struggled to feel good enough. I spent so many years beating myself up, feeling like I was “stupid.” Even after I had proven everyone wrong, it still didn’t seem to be enough; the negative internal dialogue I had heard for years persisted. It took a lot of work and time to manage. I spent years trying to prove I was enough and the goal post kept moving.

Now I am a mother to four very different kids. Each one of them (just like your child) has their own gifts, talents and contributions, but they also have their challenges, struggles and areas of growth. I know enhancing children’s executive function is the secret sauce to help all children live a fully realized and enjoyable life. We must cherish the gifts to be fully connected, even if those gifts come disguised as challenges.

The work I do is personal. I know how important language is in being understood, connected and feeling recognized. I offer children and their parents tools to achieve the genuine connection and support I wish my mother and I had all those years ago.

A motto I have always lived by is a quote by Marvin Ashton “Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.”

What People are Saying….

My son was very happy to share what he was learning in your course. He was able to give me solid examples and I see how he has already started applying the se strategies. Amazing!

What People are Saying….

Our kids are really enjoying your course.

What People are Saying….

My daughter came home excited about what she was learning.

What People are Saying….

My daughters love going to Mirsada’s class. They love it because it is giving them skills they aren’t getting anywhere else. You have been exactly what I have been looking for, I couldn’t be more thankful.


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