About Mirsada

You are AWESOME, your kid is so lucky to have such a proactive and engaged parent. I am SO happy that you are here!

As a coach and mother of four I am on a mission raise and support other moms in raising emotionally supported, well-adjusted kids. Motherhood is by far the most important job, even if society doesn’t acknowledge it in meaningful ways.

Giving kids tools and supporting the development of these tools is the most powerful gift a parent can give their child.

My passion is helping parents (especially moms) support the development and integration of social emotional and executive function skills while helping their kids grow in an emotionally supportive environment.

With a degree in Psychology and Advocacy, social emotional and executive function skills are something I have been studying since for a long time.. As a high schooler my mother bought me a course on tape about learning how to learn (executive function) and I remember pouring over the course and taking detailed notes. Intuitively I knew these lessons were critical, yet it took me years to fully understand the power unlocked with these skills.


Often referred to as “soft skill” social emotional and executive function skill are vital and essential for a life rich and full of meaningful connection, happiness and fulfillment.

Meaningful connection was always something I had a deep desire for and no matter where I was I always sought it out. Intuitively I understood that connection is the life blood that binds our lives to not only each other, but to our environment. When we lack connection, including with ourselves, there is always a feeling of disharmony.

Social emotional and executive function skills are the most critical skills our children need in building meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

For many years I struggled socially and in school (probably why I loved that course in high school (hahaha). I was always likeable but sometimes a bit intense. My childhood challenges of self awareness, emotional regulation and social awareness hurt my social connectedness and therefore my confidence and happiness.


My mom saw my struggle and she helped me in the best ways she knew how, but like all parents she had her own struggles with some of these things. For whatever reason she was unable to get the help I really needed. Others were not able to see and my mom was not able to clearly communicate where my challenges were. All parents intrinsically know their kids best, but sometimes parents don’t have the understanding, language to express or communicate the struggle adequately.

As an expat navigating foreign education systems, I have clearly seen how easily it is for kids to slip through the system with any challenges being chalked up to transition or a lack of understanding that intelligence does not negate challenge and when we don’t ensure kids have these vital skills, we are doing them a huge disservice.

I believe that every child has their own gifts, talents and contributions, but they also have their challenges, struggles and areas of growth. I know for sure that every child is doing their best, they want to do well and they want to be connected to others around them.

Staying connected and engaged in our kids lives while ensuring they are given the opportunity to strengthen, build and develop most powerful and influential tool that can literally change the trajectory of their life is the biggest gift you could every give your child.

I am so excited to be with you on this most important journey!

With respect and gratitude

What People are Saying….

My son was very happy to share what he was learning in your course. He was able to give me solid examples and I see how he has already started applying the se strategies. Amazing!

What People are Saying….

Our kids are really enjoying your course.

What People are Saying….

My daughter came home excited about what she was learning.

What People are Saying….

My daughters love going to Mirsada’s class. They love it because it is giving them skills they aren’t getting anywhere else. You have been exactly what I have been looking for, I couldn’t be more thankful.


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