Strengthening Social Connections

through building independence, confidence and awareness.

Helping parents understand, apply and create environments to help support their child's executive function development.


What is Executive Function
You Might Ask…

Great question!

Executive function is one of the greatest indicators of your child’s success and happiness in life. It plays a critical role in every aspect of school, friendship, home and life.

Executive functions are mental skills that enable us to plan, focus attention, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. They allow us to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses.


Parenting can be HARD!

I understand you want what is best for your child, because in our hearts, that is the hope of every parent. Parenting can be a hard job, sometimes the lack of clear directions or instructions can feel overwhelming. Raising our children in today’s world involves lots of trial and error and the responsibility to do it correctly feels intense.

With a Masters degree in advocacy, years of research, four kids with lots of mistakes but continuous growth and learning; I’m here to support you and share what I have learned and continue to learn. My greatest desire is to share with every parent the things I wish someone told me earlier. One thing I know for sure is it’s NEVER too late.

Compassionate and game changing strategies and support to help children thrive socially and academically

Supported parent, thriving kid!

I am Mirsada!

First of all I want you to know I am SO happy that you are here!

My name is Mirsada and I am passionate about serving others and really making a difference. Helping people has been my focus throughout life, and the many people I have helped over the years have appreciated the difference I have made in their lives.

Living our best life is what we all want to do. I have learned and developed strategies that help parents and kids build some of the most fundamental skills to make that a reality. The more we understand the indispensable nature of neurodiversity and executive function, the more we realize that these skills play into all aspects of our lives, and allow us to grab on to them to assist ourselves and our kids.


What People are Saying….

My son was very happy to share what he was learning in your course. He was able to give me solid examples and I see how he has already started applying the se strategies. Amazing!

What People are Saying….

Our kids are really enjoying your course.

What People are Saying….

My daughter came home excited about what she was learning.

What People are Saying….

My daughters love going to Mirsada’s class. They love it because it is giving them skills they aren’t getting anywhere else. You have been exactly what I have been looking for, I couldn’t be more thankful.


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