"Feel like you have lost
a piece of who you were?"

Do you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unseen?

Ever wonder how you became that tired, rundown and "lazy" mom?  

** Let's be clear lazy and mom, never deserve to be in the same sentence.

You love being a mom but yet the feelings of overwhelm can sometimes feel like too much. 

Making time for yourself feels impossible.

  You feel you have already let go of certain standards yet catching a break is still impossible. 

You wonder what you are missing, other than  pieces of the the woman you used to be and life you used to live.  

Rediscover Yourself in 4 Easy Steps
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  • Had a renewed enthusiasm for life, marriage and motherhood.
  • Felt supported by and connected to your partner
  • Had more time and less guilt to spend with friends
  • Enjoyed time with your partner without your kids
  • Were working toward desired change instead of just talking about it.
  • Felt you were a positive role model for your kids.
  • Began seeing positive changes in your kid(s) and spouse

My support is designed to take you on a journey from living groundhogs day to becoming the woman, wife and mother you always wanted to be.
Feeling joy, fulfillment and excitment about the future.


 Before I took back control of my life and my family, I was constantly feeling defeated, weak, and powerless.

At that time I felt like I had no control over my life, I was just existing. I spent many days and nights frustrated with my inability to do anything for myself while spending all my time doing everything for everyone else!

But I was was not willing to get lost in the weeds of life because I know that life is worth really LIVING.  




  • She has lost a piece of her identity
  • Frustrated with everything your husband ISN'T doing
  • Totally unseen or unappreciated for all your efforts
  • Frustrated and disempowered
  • Over run by mom guilt
  • Wants change but don't know where to start

I get you! I have been you!


  • Tools for managing the stress and overwhelm
  • Ways to control the mommy guilt
  • Stronger connection with your partner
  • Community of people you can call on for help
  • Excitement for life, marriage & motherhood again
  • More time to take care of you and your needs
That’s Why I created

Rediscovering YOU!

• Let’s get started with a phone call to see how we can work together....

• This support is a truly unique opportunity to experience one of a kind
individualized support, motivation and inspiration.

Get back to enjoying life, marriage and motherhood

Get ready to turn your
overwhelm and frustration
to enjoyment and happiness.


What coaching clients are saying:


I was a bit reluctant to invest in myself but after speaking with Mirsada, I felt like my journey was about to begin. All of my thoughts that kept me from moving forward were now focused and together. With Mirsada I was able to set realistic and attainable goals for myself. Our check-ins kept me accountable and the feeling of accomplishment was so uplifting.  I found I wanted to do more.

~ Andrea K | Boston, MA

Alexandra Chaffanjon 38

I loved working with Mirsada. Our daily and weekly check-ins were very motivating in helping me achieve my goals. My motivation was very strong in the beginning but as the weeks progressed, I began to lose track of the goal but having Mirsada's consistent check-ins, really helped me to keep my goal on my radar.  She understands life challenges and knows how to adapt accountability to your specific situation. Practicing accountability with Mirsada gave me inner strength and attention to hold myself accountable to some big dreams that I have committed to since working with her.

Alex C. | Geneva, Switzerland

Mirsada has helped me gain a fresh perspective. She challenged me to look at the bigger picture and helped me realize the potential within me.   The check-in system supported me and allowed me to achieve firm progress toward my goals. My confidence and motivation have improved tremendously.

Natasha B. | Salt Lake City, UT


Mirsada is intuitive, wise, tough and thoughtful. She helps in finding direction.  You will only be in a better place having her guide you. 

~ Natalie B | New York, NY

Mirsada has an amazing ability to listen carefully and then provide the exact, no nonsense guidance that I need. Then she finds encouraging ways to keep me moving forward toward my goals.

Jennifer D. | Washington, DC

"Rediscover yourself: Feel love, joy & enthusiasm
for life and motherhood again!"

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Helping moms rejuvenate their passion for motherhood and say “yes” to themselves.

As a mom I know what it is to always put everyone and their needs first. Being everything for everyone left me feeling lonely, angry, stressed, worried and lacking in self-confidence.

I often wondered how did I end up here being the person I always said I would never become, not being accountable to my own desires. I began searching for ways to renew my enjoyment in life.

I knew what I needed to do: exercise, make time for myself, do things I enjoyed and get connected to support. I needed to let go of the mom guilt and start seeing what I was teaching my kids. I gave myself the permission to make myself a prioity again. 

I didn’t start big, I granted myself grace when I stumbled. My motto was small consistent steps toward a better, healthier, happier life. My hope is that you will believe and see that you doing this as much for your family as you are for yourself. You are totally worth it, mom!


“Feel excited and optimistic
about life again.”